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Researcher in SECOs and TEL. Coder, beer geek and runner in decline.

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During the previous week I presented the work we have been doing with reference models during the past year for software ecosystems in TEL during the 21st International Conference on Computers in Education. The paper highlights the activities involved in execution, creation and curation in a SECO and how that affects the roles and work products of such a system. The full proceedings seems to be downloadable from here. The abstract of our papers is as follows;

The increased use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in schools promises up-to-date, interactive and collaborative learning content, However, this has proved difficult to fulfill as the requirements from students and teachers combined with devices in a variety of contexts are expensive to meet. Software reuse is a proven way to decrease development time, and thus promises a way to decrease these costs of ICT. This paper explores the characteristics of a software ecosystem approach to cater for the new digital school and presents a reference model for ecosystems developed for the domain of technology-enhanced learning (TEL).

The slides are available from Google Drive