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Been spending a two days in Kaoshiung and it is one amazing town. The tempo is crazy and the traffic is utter chaos (or just normal traffic according to Didac :)). Found time to do some general touristy stuff and tasted the local cuisine which was quite different and really good. The 2010 edition of WMUTE also started today with a reception and two keynotes. Aside from a little incident with what seemed to be a combination of allergy and overheating which had me laying down for a while, it was a good first day. Sherry Hsi gave a interesting talk around education in general with focus on informal learning and how to motivate learners. Tomorrow is the first "real day" with paper sessions so it is bound to be an interesting day, Adam is presenting his paper on LEMON which is hopefully a highlight of the day ;).

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="240" caption="Nightmarket in Kaoshiung"]Nightmarket in Kaoshiung[/caption]