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Researcher in SECOs and TEL. Coder, beer geek and runner in decline.

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RUC IT is a relatively new network of people involved in pedagogy with an interest for technology and how that technology can be used in schools. The network has the explicit goal of creating a platform for driving the development forward in pedagogical technology usage and to do so with a strong connection with research and projects in the area. The network is currently aimed at people in the surrounding areas of Linnaeus University in order to promote physical meetings and exchanges of experiences. This might be extended in the future however.

I gave a short talk at the RUC IT meet yesterday. The talk was a very brief summary of a survey we have performed around the how, what and when of technology use in schools of Kronoberg. The full results of the survey together with a cross case analysis with companies in the domain will be presented in a paper in 2013. The slides are available below.