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Researcher in SECOs and TEL. Coder, beer geek and runner in decline.

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I am currently in the "refinement" phase of my licentiate thesis (which is something we do in Sweden, writing a thesis is so much fun that we do it twice). This basically have been the focus of most of my attention for the better part of 4 months now and quite frankly its been exhausting. Challenging, mind-opening and fun, but oh so exhausting. A decent analogy would be liking your intellect to a tube of "Kalles Kaviar" and your thesis is a very (very) big sandwich that your making.

Procrastination is a powerful foe.

This post is nothing but procrastination so I'll make it short and sweet but I found some nice winter photographs in my phone that cheered me up in this "fake spring"-state that Sweden is currently in. They are raw from the phone so try to keep the funmaking to a minimum ;).

His afternoon promande IMG_0447