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Researcher in SECOs and TEL. Coder, beer geek and runner in decline.

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I have been using Redmine for tracking some of my work for a number of years. The main drawback for me has been the way you track time on projects. My workflow is largely based around a LaTeX editor, Mendeley/Bibtex and short bursts of various databases trough a browser. Redmine is web-based which in itself is not a problem. However, for a somewhat scatter-brained thesis writer who just needs to casually monitor time, keeping track of yet another tab is not an option.

Since I have been spending some time with Windows 10 recently, I decided to take Microsoft up on their free version of Visual Studio. Using that, I created a small app that allows me to pull up a list of open issues and simply start tracking time on the one I’m working on.

App UI

Your installation of Redmine must have the REST API feature enabled and you need a somewhat recent version of Windows for this to work. The application as it is can be found on my Github.